How to use Tap to Review cards on iPhones

Here's an interesting fact: the iPhone 11, launched in 2019, and all subsequent models, have Tap to Review capabilities automatically built-in and enabled, making your card incredibly easy to use.

Here's what you need to do... Just hold the card where the back of the iPhone meets the phone's top edge, just above the camera lens, and watch the magic happen. If that doesn't trigger, simply move the card to where the front of the iPhone meets the phone's top edge. It's that simple, and after just a few seconds, there you go, you've triggered your Google review page.

How to use Tap to Review cards on Android phones

These days, most Android phones come with the ability to Tap for Review using NFC technology, which is excellent news.

When you use Tap for Review, all you have to do is hold the card against the back of the phone. Begin at the top and move down until your Google review page activates. It only takes seconds!

If this doesn't activate your Google review page, your customer might simply need to switch on NFC on their phone, which is super quick and easy.

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Tap To Review Cards

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