Finally, a simple way to increase your Google reviews.

Go on, you're a busy business owner... you deserve it!

Goodbye QR codes, hello Tap To Review. The easiest way to increase your Google reviews quick smart. Your customer pulls out their phone, taps the card, and is transported straight to where they need to go: leaving your amazing business a 5-star review.

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How do your Google NFC review cards work?

Connect & tap: Drum roll please... Are you ready for some magic? Getting a 5-star review from your customers is now as easy as a snap of your fingers! Their feedback is the key to boosting your business and attracting more clients. All you need to do is tap your shiny new Google review card against their phone, and voila... you’ve unlocked the review wizardry!

Wait for reviews: Now you’ve done the hard work, now enjoy the reward! Your customer will be whisked away straight to your Google review page - no awkward searching or QR codes. Your customer can then click 5-stars and write a glowing review, all in less than a minute!

Pro tip: Get them to unlock the phone first. Then, depending on their phone type, place the card in position. For iPhones, put the card on the upper back of the phone. For Androids, hold the card flat between the centre and the top of the phone. For more tips on ysing your Google review card, CLICK HERE.

Why are Google reviews so crucial?

We all know how reviews can make or break your business, right? A huge nine out of ten shoppers check out reviews before they decide to make a purchase. And when it comes to online reviews, guess who's leading the way? You guessed it, it's Google! A whopping 59% of savvy shoppers rely on Google reviews before they splash their cash on your products, use your services, and, in the end, part with their hard-earned money for you.

  • Place Your Order

    It’s easy to get your hands on your very own Tap To Review card. Just add to your cart, place your order, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, you’ll love the free delivery right to your door! Oh and then there's the peace of mind that you’re buying from a 5-star rated Aussie company that delivers a truly professional shopping experience from start to finish!

  • We Create

    As soon as you've ordered, the action begins at our workshop! We’re like speedy ninjas, quickly finding your Google listing with the business name you provided. Then, we do our magic by linking the right review URL to your card and testing everything to make sure it works perfectly. Don’t worry, this behind-the-scenes work usually takes about 48 hours from when we receive your order.

  • Delivery

    Once we've skilfully created and rigorously tested your 'Tap to Review' card, we promptly dispatch it with tracking to your delivery address through Australia Post.

    You'll be the envy of every business owner on the street as before you know it, you'll be collecting 5-star reviews like never before!

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