Why should I choose Local Insights Australia?

See us as the friendly neighbors who lends a hand! At Local Insights, in between helping 1000s of businesses with their online marketing, we also provide a nifty product called "Tap to Review cards" - NFC cards that help you increase those Google reviews. Simply tap the handy card on your customer’s phone mobile, and presto! Your customer is then swiftly directed to your Google review page, all before you can even utter "G'day"​.

What's the Local Insights story?

Way back in 2017, Local Insights launched its mission: to be the digital knight in shining armour for small businesses. We're all about helping local businesses fight back online against the big boys with the big bucks. Our goal is simple: we help build your online profile so that your business is found easily online.

Using NFC technology, our clever Google ‘Tap to Review’ cards enable you to increase your 5-star reviews - easy as. You can now turn each customer interaction into a glowing Google review.

Why is a 'Tap to Review' Google NFC card better than a QR code?

Well, it's all about making life easier and quicker!

Imagine you're a skilled surfer catching a wave. With our 'Tap to Review' card, it's as straightforward as riding the perfect wave every single time; life's a breeze.

On the other hand, with a QR code, you require a special surfboard (a QR reader app or camera), and you need to catch the wave just right (aligning your camera with the code). It's a bit more of a balancing act, and for those who aren't tech-savvy, it's like speaking a foreign dialect.

To sum up... our 'Tap to Review' cards are all about making the journey as easy as possible without the complications.

Why should I bother with Google reviews?

Simply because Google reviews are the cat's pyjamas! Nine out of ten switched-on shoppers will have a squiz at reviews before they fork out their cash.

And what's more? A staggering 59% of these shoppers are checking out Google reviews before they make up their minds to part with their hard-earned money.

So, if you want to charm potential customers and give your sales a leg up, Google reviews are your ticket to success.

How do NFC cards work?

You'll feel like a tech expert with this gadget! The "Tap to Review" system employs state-of-the-art technology to accelerate the review process. Your team only needs to tap their "Tap to Review" card on a client's mobile, and voila! Your client is swiftly directed to your Google review page, where they can effortlessly leave a glowing review, all in an instant!

Do Tap To Review Cards work on all phones?

Tap To Review Cards may not work on all phones, as their functionality depends on the phone's hardware and software capabilities. These cards typically rely on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which allows devices to communicate when they are close to each other. Most modern smartphones come equipped with NFC, but there can still be variations in how well it works and which features it supports depending on the phone's make and model.

How much is postage and delivery?

Not a cent! For orders within Australia, we'll dispatch your "Tap to Review" cards right to your doorstep without any cost. In just a short amount of time, you'll have these remarkable cards for gathering reviews in your possession. We'll send you a tracking code, delivered by our friends at Australia Post. So kick back, take it easy, and anticipate the arrival of your package.

I have lots of staff, how many can I buy for my business?

You can buy as many as your heart desires! We always recommend at least 1x per customer-facing staff. We have a range of bundles: single cards, trios, quintets, and a whopping collection of 10 cards. For orders of more than 10, please contact us.

What else does Local Insights Australia do?

You can count on us for all your digital marketing needs! We're not only into 5-star-gathering but also skilled in the art of Google listing optimisation, brewing up the ideal SEO for your website, creating a buzz on social media, and crafting captivating Google Ads. We're your all-in-one solution for all your online needs!

Where is Local Insights Australia based?

We are based in Brisbane QLD but work with clients all across Australia.

Can I make a custom order of Google Tap to Review Cards?

Sure thing! Get in touch with us to chat it through.

Need help? Get in touch with us!

Tap To Review Cards

Supercharge your business and increase Google Reviews with NFC technology...